Your pocket AI foodie friend

"To deliver the utmost accurate, personalized food experience companion in the realm of cooking, ordering, and dining."

Cooking: Your Private Chef

- Iteratively generate recipes based on your dietary preferences, available ingredients, and cooking equipment, within limited time and budget
- Save and share the generated personalized dishes you love
- Adopt your favorite chefs as agents and get personal style cooking hacks (coming soon)
- Customize other people's public recipes released in the community (coming soon)

Ordering: Decision Helper

- Precisely recommend combos that meet your budget, taste and other special requirements
- Let you know the nutrition and recommendation reason of each dish coming soon
- Effortlessly customize food options according to your eating habits, add shopping cart for you with one click coming soon

Dining: Gourmet Waiter

Comming Soon

- Recommend restaurants that meet your various needs, such as the most suitable for dating, the most authentic and the most cost-effective
- Book a restaurant for you with one click
- Discover dishes that suits your taste and tell your specific food nutrition and culture